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Smart mirror could help you lose weight

Grundig are working on a smart mirror that could help you lose weight.

The German manufacturer have unveiled a prototype for their brand new smart mirror, which is connected to a pair of scales and displays the person's weight on the mirror's surface and calculates their BMI.

On display at the IFA conference in Berlin, this mirror and scales set can also show a graph that tracks your weight changes.

A spokesperson said: "The user's weight is displayed on the mirror in real time. While it's currently just a prototype, we hope to bring it into production in the future."

And not only can the mirror connect to the scales, it can also connect to a smart toothbrush and will help you make sure you're brushing your teeth for long enough as well as indicating when the brush head needs to be changed.

The mirror can also measure heart rate and it all works by connecting the scales to the Sensimeter smartphone app.

It comes after another company developed a lunchbox with built in scales that helps you track your calorie input.

Writing about their product on their IndieGoGo page, they shared: "Everyone wants to be healthy. But amidst increasingly busier lives, it's hard for most people to stay healthy. MACROPACK is an innovative lunchbox designed to help you track your macros anywhere, anytime. It is the first lunchbox with a built-in smart digital scale. With a new sleek compact design, MACROPACK will be your portable nutrition coach.

"With increasing options of eating out and the difficulty of preparing meal, it's next to impossible to know the calories in the food and track your dieting progress. This challenge is why we created MACROPACK, the world's first lunchbox + smart scale that will keep you fit. The lunchbox is built with a unique system of modular Macro Containers, that allow you to conveniently prepare meals of all sizes for your day."

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