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Experts warn about big brother smartwatches

Experts have warned a smartwatch could soon become a tracking device.

Dr Hristijan Gjoreski from the University of Sussex has claimed the ever popular smartwatch - such as the Apple Watch and the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Lite - could one day be used to track a person's movements and tasks and therefore remind them if they forget to do their usual day to day jobs or chores such as brushing their teeth or going shopping.

Speaking ahead of the British Science Festival, Dr Gjoreski said: "The assembly worker usually performs some set of activities in order to assemble the product. This kind of device can monitor automatically what the worker is doing and remind him if he forgets to do some sort of activity ...

"If you have a sequence of activities you're supposed to do, it could remind you of the next step. Current activity-recognition systems usually fail because they are limited to recognising a pre-defined set of activities, whereas of course human activities are not limited and change with time."

Whilst Dr Daniel Roggen, head of the Sensor Research Technology Group at Sussex, added: "This new method for activity discovery paints a far richer, more accurate, picture of daily human life. As well as for fitness and lifestyle trackers, this can be used in healthcare scenarios and in fields such as consumer behaviour research."

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