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Everybot RS700 mops your home for you

This Robot Mop Cleaner promises to keep your floors sparkling clean without any assistance.

The Everybot RS700 is an autonomous mop, which can run off its own back or can be remote controlled.

They wrote on their Kickstarter page: "If you've ever mopped a floor, you will instantly see the appeal in this magnificent device. It's autonomous, meaning it can mop any floor without human direction. It has built in multi-directional and multi-axis sensors, meaning it can detect and avoid obstacles like furniture or objects left behind and can even detect and avoid hazards like staircases, floor vents and drains with its vertical floor sensor. It is also remote-controlled, meaning you can direct it where you need cleaning and keep it focused on a dirty floor until it sparkles."

The robot doesn't use wheels and instead has RoboSpin Technology that is able to control the device's speed and direction using "two dual spin mops".

They added: "Everybot developed the RoboSpin Technology which controls the speed and direction using two dual spin mops without having to utilize wheels. RoboSpin Technology, which was developed after years of study and testing, consists of mechanical engineered technology, dynamics technology, and motor controlled algorithm.

"With this system, our device can use optimized cleaning modes to clean everything from harmful fine dust to wax residue to stains. It can control speed and direction of each pad on its own, meaning it can implement and optimize cleaning action automatically. This device knows everything we know about mopping floors and then some! Patented water tanks and water supply system can easily clean your floor using the wet mops, thus saving you from the hassle of refilling the water tank every once in a while."

The Everybot RS700 is currently in development but will eventually have a retail price of $349.

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