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HOPii is the personal micro-brewery

You can now brew your own beer from your desk.

HOPii - the personal micro-brewery - allows you to create your own beer in your home to "experience that right from the tank taste.

Writing on Kickstarter, they shared: "It's hard enough to find time to make it to the brewery to experience that "right from the tank" taste. Not to mention most craft breweries are very far away from your home. With HOPii, you can enjoy the same fresh craft beers right from your kitchen. No brewing knowledge required!

"Home brew is great. But the brewing process can be a pain - sterilising the equipment and minimizing UV and regulating temp while the brew ferments. HOPii simplifies and takes care of all of this - it is the world's easiest to use home brewing device, easier to use than a TV.

"HOPii can make craft beers from all your favorite breweries. HOPii provides the brewery's exact ingredients, takes care of all the monitoring and lets you know when your very own craft beer is ready to drink."

HOPii have teamed up with breweries across the world to allow people to create their own version of the popular drink.

They added: "HOPii creates a controlled environment using various smart sensors and algorithms for the perfect and consistent fermentation. HOPii uses a closed loop, smart sensor system that monitors and controls the fermentation time, pressure, and temperature, combined with brewery-sourced ingredients, to enable the best quality taste, every time.

"We are partnering with breweries and our world-class brewmaster to bring you the best tasting craft beers. We are targeting to have the traditional flavors that you love (IPAs, Pale Ales, Stouts, etc) as well as amazing new flavors not tasted before. We will continue to diligently add more partners to HOPii prior to launch and every month after you have your HOPii's in your hands. You will be able to enjoy the freshest taste of craft beers from breweries that are far away from your home. Get the craft beer from your favorite breweries and enjoy right from your home at their freshest moment ever."

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