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Autonomous cars to get own lane?

Milwaukee officials are considering creating a lane on the highway just for autonomous vehicles.

Tim Sheehy, president of the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce, has revealed the local government is considering on installing a lane on the highway that can only be used by self-driving vehicles as they move forward on plans to expand the I-94 to eight lanes.

They are planning to increase the number of lanes after Foxconn announced they will be opening a huge factory eight miles west of downtown Racine, employing around 13000 people.

Speaking to the Greater Milwaukee Committee, Sheehy said: "I thought we were ahead of the curve ... And we were all dumbstruck when they [Foxconn] looked at us and said, 'So where's the autonomous vehicle lane?'"

And now Michael Pyritz, spokesman for the Department of Transportation's southeast region, has confirmed they are considering the idea.

He said: "Yes, it is something we are looking at."

It comes after in the United States, California's Department of Motor Vehicles revealed they are considering plans to allow driver-free vehicles to take to the road.

California Transportation Agency Secretary Brian P. Kelly said of the idea: "California has more manufacturers testing autonomous vehicles than any other state and today's rules continue our leadership with this emerging technology.

"These rules protect public safety, promote innovation and lay out the path for future testing and deployment of driverless technology. This rule-making is the next step in working with stakeholders to get this right."

Whilst DMV Director Jean Shiomoto added: "These rules expand our existing autonomous vehicle testing program to include testing vehicles where no driver is present. This is the next step in eventually allowing driverless autonomous vehicles on California roadways."

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