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Thero Magic Mug makes the perfect drink

Inventors have developed a mug that promises to stop you getting your tongue burned.

The team at Thero have created a "magic mug", which is able to bring hot drinks down to the perfect drinking temperature in two minutes and keep them that way.

They shared on their Kickstarter page: "Carefully engineered with an All-American design, Thero saves your tongue and time from scalding hot drinks, letting you enjoy your favorite coffee at instant coffee speeds. Drinking coffee is a way to get more out of your day and Thero lets you get the most out of your coffee. No more jumping through hoops just to get started.

"Temperature adjusting mugs have been around for a while, but Thero is the fastest! We use only the highest grade materials, turning drinks from scalding hot to the perfect temperature in just 2 minutes and keeping them there for 5-6 hours.

"In a day and age where we can send people to the moon and colonizing Mars no longer feels like some far off dream, why do we still have to struggle with overly hot coffee? At Thero, we think that life on Earth should be a little simpler and that is what we set out to do with the Thero Magic Mug."

The Thero mug brings the drink down to the "perfect" drinking temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

They added: "We know that some people like their drinks a little hotter and some a little cooler, so when we say 140 degrees is the perfect temperature we expect some skepticism.

"The good news is that our perfect temperature is not just an arbitrary number! Deeming 140 degrees the perfect temperature is the result of not only testing what the most popular drinking temperature is, but also working with coffee roasters and taste testers to find the range where premium coffee exhibits its full body of flavour!"

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