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The BoxLock keeps your parcels safe

The BoxLock keeps your parcels safe even when you're out.

A team of inventors have created this smart padlock which gives you a safe place to have your parcels delivered even if you can't be at home.

Writing on their Kickstarter page, they shared: "When it works, home delivery is a convenient and efficient way to get anything you need from just about anywhere. But what about when a package isn't on your doorstep, even though the carrier's tracking says it was delivered?

"If you're one of the 23 million Americans who've had a package stolen from their doorstep by a 'porch pirate', you've experienced the frustration of a missing package and the hassle, delay and expense of trying to replace it - if it's replaceable at all."

This handy device has a barcode scanner embedded in it, which can be used by the likes of Amazon, FedEx, UPS and USPS. Their delivery drivers scan the barcode on the front of the parcel they're delivering, opening the lock and allowing them to put the parcel inside. The customer will then get a notification it has arrived and unlock it to retrieve the parcel when they're back home.

They added on their website: "To use BoxLock, your delivery driver simply grabs the BoxLock and presses the button on the top to scan the tracking number on your package.

"Only packages addressed to you and that are actually out for delivery that day will unlock the BoxLock. The driver opens the bin, places your package safely inside, closes the bin and locks the lock. You'll be notified which package was scanned and that your BoxLock is safely locked with your packages inside."

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