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The M.A.Di Home can be made in just hours

The M.A.Di Home can be made in just hours

The M.A.Di Home can be assembled in just a few hours.

This brand new "unfoldable modular living unit" is earthquake resistant and can be built up in less than a day and then taken down again if necessary.

They creators wrote on their website: "M.A.Di. is an unfoldable modular living unit. Using an unfolding technique, this construction system allows to realise earthquake-resistant buildings for residential, leisure and hospitality. M.A.DI. can be also used to set-up of temporary villages for sports, fairs and first aid facilities in case of natural disasters.

"M.A.DI. is one of the most revolutionary housing solutions on the market today. It grows, it changes and moves. It creates cosy and safe places highly customizable according to your needs. It combines the key characteristics of a comfortable house: innovation and technology, healthy spaces surrounded by warm and eco-friendly wood. A construction with zero environmental impact that reflects the wishes of these times, where everything is changing and moving constantly.

"M.A.DI. buildings do not consume soil, as they do not need any foundations when temporarily placed on a level ground. If necessary, the anchoring is ensured by a new innovative system with a screw pile foundations. This new anchoring system have no impacts on soil and it is recoverable at 100%. When the building eventually ceased to be used, you can fold it and move it to another place, or store it in a warehouse ready for the next use."

And this clever unit can be customised when it comes to the materials, ensuring you get exactly what you want.

They added: "M.A.DI. gives the opportunity to own a temporary house wherever you want or a permanent house in a building area. Moreover, you can customise it choosing dimensions and materials according to your needs and your financial availability. A M.A.DI. building can be habitable in two days; this means reduced running costs of the yard."

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