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Singapore to have driverless buses by 2022

Singapore will roll out driverless buses on their roads in 2022.

The Asian country will be adopting the autonomous technology for their quieter road networks in just four years time.

The buses will first be installed in Punggol, Tengah and the Jurong District, which have been built with the idea that they need to cope with these new vehicles in mind.

Khaw Boon Wan, Transport Minister, said: "The autonomous vehicles will greatly enhance the accessibility and connectivity of our public transport system, particularly for the elderly families with young children and the less mobile. More importantly, we can gain further insights into how we can develop new towns or refurbish existing ones for the safe mass deployment of autonomous vehicles."

Wan hopes it will help to "alleviate its tight land and manpower limits that currently constrain our land transport system".

The Ministry of Transport's top official, Mr Pang King Keong, added: "There is going to be a significant shift in the public mindset from one of ownership of transport assets - which is the mindset today - to one of procurement of transport services as and when you need them."

It comes after RDM started testing their PodZero autonomous vehicles in Cambridge.

Richard Fairchild, Director of Autonomous Mobility Programmes at RDM Group, said: "The Trumpington to Cambridge Guided Busway represents an ideal route for the implementation of autonomous vehicles to meet real passenger demand. It is segregated from the highway allowing the pods to whizz up and down without traffic congestion slowing them down and also segregated from pedestrians and cyclists meaning it is a really safe route.

"Research has shown that there is demand for hundreds of journeys in the hours when the buses do not run. This is simply due to the cost and the pods can offer a solution that is cheaper to run ... this is not replacing the existing service, just complementing it with a practical and effective solution during quieter times of the day."

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