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Intel team up with Warner Bros. to create AV Entertainment Experience

Intel have teamed up with Warner Bros. to create "immersive experiences" for autonomous vehicles.

Brian Krzanich, the chief executive officer of Intel Corporation, has announced at the Los Angeles Auto Show that they will be joining forces with the studio to create an "AV Entertainment Experience" for self-driving vehicle users.

Krzanich wrote: "Advancing what's possible in autonomous driving, Intel announced a collaboration with entertainment company Warner Bros. to develop in-cabin, immersive experiences in autonomous vehicle (AV) settings. Called the AV Entertainment Experience, we are creating a first-of-its-kind proof-of-concept car to demonstrate what entertainment in the vehicle could look like in the future. As a member of the Intel 100-car test fleet, the vehicle will showcase the potential for entertainment in an autonomous driving world.

"The rise of the AV industry will create one of the greatest expansions of consumer time available for entertainment we've seen in a long time. As passengers shift from being drivers to riders, their connected-device time, including video-viewing time, will increase. In fact, recent transportation surveys indicate the average American spends more than 300 hours per year behind the wheel."

Intel and Warner Bros. are envisioning, for example, that a Batman fan can pretend their travelling through Gotham City rather than just on their daily commute.

Krzanich added: "With this expansion of available time, Warner Bros. and Intel imagine significant possibilities inside the AV space. Not only do we see passengers consuming content ranging from movies and television programming, we imagine riders enjoying immersive experiences never seen before, courtesy of in-cabin virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) innovations

"For example, a fan of the superhero Batman could enjoy riding in the Batmobile through the streets of Gotham City, while AR capabilities render the car a literal lens to the outside world, enabling passengers to view advertising and other discovery experiences. While the possibilities of in-cabin entertainment are fun to imagine, the ultimate test for the future of autonomous cars is going to be winning over passengers. The technology will not matter if there are no riders who trust and feel comfortable using it."

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