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Christmas dinner could be 3D printed

Christmas dinner could be 3D printed one day.

A report commissioned by Amazon has predicted that one day our favourite Christmas food, such as turkey, pigs in blankets and roast potatoes, could come to us through a printer.

Dr Morgaine Gaye, who studies future food trends, said: "For many, an impressive feast is what makes Christmas. Soon we will be adding even more of a homemade touch to our Christmas spreads, from using hydroponic technology to help us grow fruit and vegetables in our kitchens, no matter how small, to 3D printing helping us to create stunning edible artworks for dessert."

Augmented reality is also expected to feature heavily in Christmases to come.

William Higham, who founded consultancy firm Next Big Thing that helps to predict customer's needs, added: "One innovation we can expect to see used over the festive period is augmented reality in the home. Christmas is a time for family, and advanced technology could allow families who live miles apart to celebrate and interact together. The introduction of haptic clothing, which recreates the sense of touch through vibrations or motions, will allow us to feel closer to overseas relatives by giving them a 'haptic hug' on Christmas morning. And holographic imaging will be a way to project 3D versions of our friends and family into our living rooms so they can get 'virtually' involved in the festivities."

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