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Audi partners with Amazon Music

Audi has partnered with Amazon Music to bring their streaming service to their cars.

The vehicle manufacturing company's new models can benefit from having Amazon Music integrated directly into the MMI, offering customers "access to more features including browsing or searching the music library".

Writing on their website, they shared: "Audi today announced an integration with Amazon Music for greater customer benefit. Amazon Music is now accessible to Audi owners through their vehicle's MMI system via the Audi MMI connect mobile application.

"Owners of 2017 or 2018 models of the Audi A3, A4, A4 allroad, Audi Q7, R8, TT and 2018 models of the Audi Q5 and A5 can listen to millions of songs available through Amazon Music right from the road, from streaming services Amazon Music Unlimited and Prime Music. Using the Audi MMI connect mobile application, Audi customers can enjoy a more seamless integration of Amazon Music into their vehicles.

"When connected via the Audi MMI connect app, drivers can use the MMI interface to make song selections, scroll through the playlists and stations, browse new releases and charts and search the music library to explore new artists, genres and styles."

For those customers who are signed up to Amazon Prime, there are added benefits and for those with a Audi Connect PRIME subscription, they will be able to get speed and curfew alerts, for example.

They added: "Audi customers who are also Amazon Prime members can now stream more than two million songs available from Prime Music, as well as over one thousand playlists and stations. Additionally, Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers can access the on-demand, full catalog streaming service, including tens of millions of songs and thousands of expertly-curated playlists and stations through the Audi MMI connect app. Customers who have purchased or stored music from Amazon Music will also be able to stream their library while driving. In addition to music streaming, with an active Audi Connect PRIME subscription, the Audi connect mobile application also supports remote vehicle services including Curfew, Speed, and Valet Alerts, remote lock and unlock capability and online car finder."

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