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Willow, the wearable breast pump

Willow, the wearable breast pump, helps you keep your little one happy on the go.

This handy device can be used by moms to discreetly collect milk for their baby, fitting under clothes so you can "live, work, play, or relax" whilst it works.

Writing on their website, they shared: "Don't lose another minute tethered to a wall. Willow liberates you from outlets for good so you can pump while you live, work, play, or relax ... Willow sits on your breast and is designed to work with a variety of breast shapes. To use Willow, you'll need to have the correct Flange size. Willow comes with 24 mm Flanges [and] 27 mm Flanges are sold separately ...

"There's only a few parts to put together and two dishwasher safe parts to clean for easy setup and fast cleanup. Willow works quietly so you can go ahead and take that conference call without the mute button ... Willow senses your let-down and automatically transitions into expression phase based on your body's own unique milk production and timing."

The Willow breast pump also has a handy smartphone app, currently just available for iPhones, but it is expected to be able to be made for Android soon.

They added: "First, you align Willow with your breast, wait for the Pump to initiate latch, and then secure it inside your bra. Once latched, Willow senses let-down and automatically switches to expression phase based on your individual milk production. Your milk flows into the disposable, spill-proof Milk Bag tucked securely inside the Pump. And the best part is you can move freely while you pump and track your milk progress in real time on the Willow App ...

"As Willow works inside your bra, the Willow App displays what is happening. See things such as milk volume, pumping time and past pumping sessions. It's compatible with iPhone 5 or newer. The Willow App is only be available for iOS (iPhone 5 or newer, iOS 10.2 or later). We plan to offer an Android app in the future."

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