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European Commission pressures social networks over fraud concerns

The European Commission (EC) has called on social network platforms to do more to tackle fraud and scams.

The likes of Google, Facebook and Twitter were first asked to make some notable amendments in order to combat fraud back in 2016, and Vera Jourova - who is the European Commissioner for Justice - believes that the changes are simply taking too long to enforce.

She said: "As social media networks are used as advertising and commercial platforms, they must fully respect consumer rules.

"I am pleased that the enforcement of EU rules to protect consumers by national authorities is bearing fruit, as some companies are now making their platforms safer for consumers. However, it is unacceptable that this is still not complete and it is taking so much time."

The EC first wrote to the companies back in November 2016, when the Commission detailed its primary concerns to them.

And, at the time, all three of the major social networking sites pledged to implement the changes by the first quarter of 2018.

The EC has also published a chart, which lists the changes that it has requested and explains the progress that has been made on each of the issues.

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