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Facebook removes 'sex-for-rent group'

Facebook has taken action against a group of landlords who were offering free accommodation in return for sex.

The under pressure social networking website has decided to remove a group containing the men, following a BuzzFeed investigation that found men were being offered a place to live in exchange for sexual favours.

One post, for instance, read: "This position would ideally include sex and lots of affection from our boy."

Another said: "You will clean and provide sexual services in return for free accommodation and board."

What's more, the investigation uncovered examples of people looking for accommodation who were willing to do anything necessary in return for somewhere to live.

One example of this read: "Willing to [go] where ever I'm needed. Nowhere to go."

The publication of the investigation comes shortly after Facebook started to ask users in Europe and Canada for permission to use facial recognition technology.

Although the social networking site initially began face-matching users outside Canada seven years ago, it was stopped for EU citizens in 2012 after protests from privacy campaigners and regulators.

The new request is one of a number of opt-in permissions being looked into ahead of a new data privacy law.

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