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Alexa will teach children manners

Amazon's Alexa will be able to teach children manners as part of a new feature.

The company's smart assistant's new version - the Echo Dot Kids Edition - will encourage children to say please and thank you when they ask the artificial intelligence helper something, and will use positive reinforcement when they do so.

The new features have been introduced to encourage politeness after some parents were concerned that Alexa and similar producers were teaching bad behaviour by responding to rude demands.

Amazon say the additions - made specially for children - make the Echo box a "kid-friendly DJ, comedian and storylteller" who is "always getting smarter".

The website reads: "Just ask and Alexa will play music, answer questions, read stories, tell jokes, and more.. All with younger ears in mind."

It will also feature special controls allowing parents to shut the device down, or monitor their children's activity.

Furthermore, when kids say they are feeling distressed - for example, if they're being bullied - the device will suggest that they should speak to a responsible adult.

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