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Elon Musk previews LA tunnels

Elon Musk has previewed the first tunnels under Los Angeles to speed up journey times.

The 46-year-old business magnate has previewed the new tunnels for pods, which can carry pedestrians and cyclists, and says they should be ready for use "in a few months".

He wrote on Instagram: "First Boring Company tunnel under LA almost done! Pending final regulatory approvals, we will be offering free rides to the public in a few months. Super huge thanks to everyone that helped with this project. Strong support from public, elected officials & regulators is critical to success. As mentioned in prior posts, once fully operational (demo system rides will be free), the system will always give priority to pods for pedestrians & cyclists for less than the cost of a bus ticket."

It is not the only new method of transport Elon is working on as one of his company's Hyperloop One are working on a pod-style mode of transport which propels a vehicle through a reduced-pressure tube.

Shervin Pishevar, co-founder and Executive Chairman of Hyperloop One, said: "Europe embraces new ideas in transportation like no other region in the world and is uniquely positioned to take the next great leap in transportation with Hyperloop One. Our vision is to, one day, connect all of Europe with our Hyperloop One system, networking the entire continent."

Whilst Josh Giegel, the co-founder of Hyperloop One, added: "We're looking forward to showcasing our technology and believe that Europe is the perfect region for one of the world's first Hyperloop systems."

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