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Apple 'expects budget iPhone to be big seller'

Apple is reportedly preparing for its cheaper LCD iPhone to be a big seller in 2018.

Later this year, it looks like the company will be launching three new models - including more expensive OLED handsets - to succeed the iPhone X.

According to reports from The Wall Street Journal, it appears the technology giant is expecting the 'budget' 6.1-inch iPhone to be popular with customers when it releases the products in September.

The cheaper option will apparently be unveiled alongside 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch OLED devices, but the company is ordering more of the LCD screens than was previously predicted.

It could mean that Apple thinks that version will sell better than its more expensive counterparts.

Last year, the iPhone X was the first model made by the company to use OLED technology - which usually offers brighter colours and better contrast, and makes the phones more expensive to produce.

Tech Radar adds that the 5.8-inch handset will directly replace the iPhone X, with the 6.5-inch iPhone being a premium 'plus' model.

The LCD model will look the same, but will remain cheaper thanks to the screen and other cost-saving measures - such as not including 3D Touch.

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