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YouTube announces significant changes

YouTube has decided to reform its platform in a bid to help vloggers to make more money.

The world-famous video-sharing brand has decided to make some significant changes to its service in light of some recent criticism, which has centred on changes to YouTube's advertising policies.

The suggestion is that changes to the policies have meant that video-makers are finding it tough to earn ad revenue.

Among the new changes is one that lets video-makers charge a small monthly fee for access to badges, emoji and members-only videos.

However, rival sites such as Twitch and Patreon already offer similar features to the ones being introduced by YouTube.

The announcement comes as Alex Brinnand, who is the editor of the YouTube magazine TenEighty, has acknowledged that the video-sharing platform is facing more intense competition from Facebook, which recently launched Instagram TV (IGTV).

Speaking to the BBC, he explained: "Platforms such as Twitch developed opportunities for creators to receive money directly from their viewers.

"YouTube is now playing catch up and offering alternative monetisation options but the new threat of IGTV could change the game even further.

"Creators are largely in favour of the direct-to-creator monetisation options, as it offers them higher revenue from people who are passionate about watching their content. This is something we've seen on crowd-funding platforms for a long time now, so it is really interesting to see the online video industry adopt this revenue model."

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