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Netflix trials new payment feature

Netflix is trialling a new feature that bypasses Apple's App Store for sign-up fees.

The world-famous streaming service - which is home to some of the best-known TV shows - has decided to direct its customers who also use the iOS app to pay via mobile webpage, which means that Apple won't get a percentage of its subscription fee.

Under the original model, Netflix and other apps pay Apple as much as 30 percent of a user's first subscription, as well as 15 percent for renewals.

In a statement issued to The Verge, Netflix explained: "We are constantly innovating and testing new signup approaches on different platforms to better understand what our members like. Based on what we learn, we work to improve the Netflix experience for members everywhere."

It's been confirmed, too, that the test will end on September 30.

Earlier this month, meanwhile, figures revealed that the use of online streaming services has surged ahead in the UK.

Almost half of all adults have said they have tuned into Netflix, Now TV, Amazon Prime Video or other similar commercial internet-based services over a three-month spell.

The official figures came from the annual Internet Access and Use report from the Office for National Statistics, and revealed an increase from less than a third of respondents in 2016 - the last time the data was given.

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