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NCSC reveals extent of cyber-attack threat

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has blocked Britain falling victim to almost 1,200 attacks over a two-year spell.

The organisation has revealed it is currently beating around 10 attacks every week and has confirmed that the majority of the attacks were carried out by state-sponsored hackers.

Ciaran Martin, the head of the NCSC, explained: "We are calling out unacceptable behaviour by hostile states and giving our businesses the specific information they need to defend themselves."

The NCSC has also been seeking to shut down net sites and domains that are used in phishing attacks.

In April, it was announced that British businesses were being hit by cyber attacks more than ever before.

The NCSC and the National Crime Agency warned that companies based in the UK were being targeted by organised groups - located in Russia and North Korea - but the organisations were trying to make the country an "unattractive" place to attack.

At the time, Ciaran Martin shared: "Despite these very real threats to the nation's security, I am confident in the UK's ability to combat the attacks that we face every day.

"The NCSC's aim is to make the UK an unattractive target to cyber criminals and certain nation states by increasing their risk, and reducing their return on investment."

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