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Mabel plays first ever vertical gig

Mabel played the world's first vertical gig.

The 'Don't Call Me Up' hitmaker played at the grand opening of Samsung KX in London, which celebrates 50 years for the tech giant by offering a glimpse into how life could be in the future as the AGE-year-old singer played on a three-story, 9.1 meter stage.

She said: "London will always be close to my heart as I've made so much music here and I'm honored and excited to headline the world's first vertical gig at Samsung KX.

"This type of forward-thinking performance paves the way for more innovation within the city's live music scene."

As research has shown 94% of smartphone users are now engaging with their devices vertically, the company decided to conclude the launch celebrations with a stacked stage "allowing all elements of the gig to be seen and heard in a vertical symphony".

Mabel performed with her band, DJ and dancers across multiple levels to give the crowd the perfect shot.

Tanya Weller - Director of Samsung Showcase, KX - added: "We are thrilled to deliver a world first music event for our guests at Samsung KX; this experience was designed to give fans the ultimate performance tailored specifically for instant sharing.

We pride ourselves on creating innovations that defy barriers and tonight's vertical stage performance alongside a panel of thought leaders showcased how if we work together, we can do just that.

"We're excited to see how Samsung can integrate into their visions of a better future by providing a destination for the latest in local culture and innovation, powered by Samsung technology."

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