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Facebook to launch News tab this week?

Facebook is rumoured to be launching a News tab on Friday (25.10.19).

According to The Washington Post, the social media network is going to add a dedicated place within the app to get all the latest news from journalists.

It was reported recently that CEO Mark Zuckerberg had approached news outlets including The Washington Post, ABC News, Dow Jones and Bloomberg to license the content.

And Zuckerberg hinted at making a "big announcement" about their "initiative" around news this week.

Asked about the app's responsibility to ensure users are not being misinformed by fake news, he said: "Later in this week we actually have a big announcement coming up on launching a big initiative around news and journalism where we're partnering with a lot of folks to build a new product that's supporting high-quality journalism.

"I think there's an opportunity within Facebook and our services to build a dedicated surface -- a tab within the apps, for example - where people who really want to see high-quality, curated news, not just social content, but from high-quality publishers, could go and consume that content."

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