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Music legend Jean-Michel Jarre first passenger to make trip in KleinVision's flying car

Music legend Jean-Michel Jarre first passenger to make trip in KleinVision's flying car

Jean-Michel Jarre became the first passenger to fly in KleinVision's flying car.

The 75-year-old electronic music pioneer, who puts on outdoor spectacles featuring his music, accompanied by vast laser displays, projections and fireworks, got to experience two flights in the state-of-the-art AirCar, which can transfer from the road to the air in less than three minutes with just the push of a button, at Piestany international airport in Slovakia.

He said: "One second you speak to the driver, and next, you are up there in the air. An amazing experience."

For now, the flying car runs on a 1.6 litre BMW engine but one day there is hope it can be powered by batteries.

Co-founder Anton Zajac told Sky News: "As soon as the technology improves, we will simply run on batteries.

"We are bridging the gap between the road and the sky, giving cars the freedom they symbolised 50 years ago."

It was approved for flight in 2022, and Zajac hopes to get it off the ground (on the market) by this time next year.

Alef Aeronautics's Model A, which is backed by Elon Musk's SpaceX, is already running on electric.

It was given approval for test flights in 2022, but still needs to seek government permission.

This car is not fast and can only travel under 25mph.

Meanwhile, the first piloted flying taxi could take off in the UK in 2026.

The Department for Transport recently unveiled its Future of Flight Action Plan that predicts that by 2030 they will have taxis flying above the ground without pilots.

It also anticipates that drone technology will boost the economy by a whopping £45 billion by 2030.

Aviation and technology minister Anthony Browne said: "Cutting-edge battery technology will revolutionise transport as we know it - this plan will make sure we have the infrastructure and regulation in place to make it a reality.

"From flying taxis to emergency service drones, we're making sure the UK is at the forefront of this dramatic shift in transportation, improving people's lives and boosting the economy."

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