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State police testing robot dogs

The Massachusetts State Police has been testing out the use of Spot robot dogs.

The state's American Civil Liberties Union requested, obtained and shared documents detailing how the MSP will look to acquire and use robotics in law enforcement.

The request was put in after a Facebook event was scheduled at the MSP Museum and Learning Centre for JUly 30 entitled 'Robotics Use in Law Enforcement".

As reported by WBUR News, ACLU has received seven documents, which include fiscal record scans, emails, a "protection justification proposal for MSP" and a memo scan of an agreement between the MSP bomb squad and the department of fire services.

MSP spokesman David Procopio told the publication: "Robot technology is a valuable tool for law enforcement because of its ability to provide situational awareness of potentially dangerous environments."

Meanwhile, Michael Perry - the vice president for business development at Boston Dynamics - has insisted he doesn't want the technology to be weaponized in any way.

He said: "Right now, our primary interest is sending the robot into situations where you want to collect information in an environment where it's too dangerous to send a person, but not actually physically interacting with the space."

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