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Dinner In The Sky offers unique travel experience

Looking for a unique holiday experience that you'll never forget? Why not try dining in the sky, where you can enjoy your dinner with a truly unique view of the city's most famous landmarks.

So far, Dinner In The Sky have held over 5,000 events in cities ranging from Paris to Las Vegas, Sydney to Cape Town and Dubai to Sao Paulo.

Writing on their website, they shared: "The sky is a dream that has always fascinated human beings. Today people want to have extraordinary experiences, each dreaming of something different from his neighbour.

"Our mother company, Events in the Sky, wants to offer its clients the most exclusive experiences one can imagine in a totally safe way. Whether it is a wedding above the Grand Canyon or the Venice lagoon ... Or a three-star dinner in the skies above the Jardins des Tuileries gardens in Paris ... Or a business meeting above the City of London ... Or a piano concert overlooking Sydney Bay ... Or a cinema showing above the Bay of Angels in Cannes ... All of these dreams are attainable thanks to Events in the Sky."

In the past, these dinners have been held near Brussels' iconic Atomium, The London Eye, over the top of the City of Love, Paris and Monaco.

The table can seat 22 guests and has room for three chefs, all whilst it is suspended 100 feet in the air using a mobile crane. Each guest, the chef and the waiting staff are all strapped into their seats or onto the structure for safety purposes and it takes less than a minute to come back down to the ground.

Throughout the summer, dining events and being held in various locations in the United Kingdom, Germany, Slovenia, Austria and Slovakia.

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