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Travelers prefer non-hotel accommodation

Travelers prefer to stay in private homes when they travel around their own countries.

A study by agoda, a booking website and travel search engine, has found that 88% of UK travelers would prefer to stay in houses or apartments than hotel rooms whilst traveling around their own country compared to 84% for US residents and 75% for Australians.

Similarly, in Asia, the majority of travelers from Indonesia (79%), Singapore (71%), Philippines (82%) and Thailand (80%) prefer to stay in private homes when they enjoy the sights and sounds of Asia.

Most Indonesians (55%), Malaysians (54%) and Filipinos (53%) prefer to book private homes so they can accommodate larger families and big groups whilst UK, US, Singaporean and Australian residents decided against hotel rooms because they believe private lets are cheaper.

For those who shun hotel rooms, Filipinos prefer to opt for bed and breakfasts for their non-hotel accommodation whilst Singapore residents, Malaysians and Australians like to go for private homes. Villas and guest houses are liked by Indonesian and Thai travelers.

Andy Edwards, agoda's Global Director for Brand and Marketing Communication, said: "agoda has offered a variety of homes for many years now, and we will continue to build our inventory to offer travelers more choice - from more conventional options like a private home or a villa to unique properties like a treehouse or even a yacht."

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