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London's unusual eateries

A metropolitan city full of different cultures, it is only natural that London should be home to some of the best and most unusual food offerings in the world.

Round every corner, there is a food outlet offering amazing concoctions and here, we have revealed three of our favourites.

Bubblewrap Waffle, based on the outskirts of Chinatown and just minutes away from Leicester Square - this amazing cafe may be tiny but it produces some of the nicest egg waffles the city has ever seen.

A popular snack in Hong Kong, these waffles draw in customers from far and wide wanting to sample this wonderful treat. From their more traditional flavours such as the House Matcha with Matcha, Mochi and Red Bean to the Anglicised Oreo and Berry flavours, these waffles have people (literally!) queuing out the door. It's worth opting for weekdays and getting there soon after opening to avoid the crowds.

Everyone loves a good Instagram picture and where better to head for the most picture-perfect gelato then Amorino, a small chain of gelato boutiques where your frozen treat looks almost too good to eat!

With 11 shops currently open across London in the likes of Covent Garden, Soho, Camden and Islington, you're never too far away from this delicious treat.

There's loads of flavours to choose from - and no limit for how many you can have at one time - and they are arranged in the shape of a stunning rose. For an even more Instagram-worthy dessert, opt to add a macaroon, which is delicately placed in the middle of the rose.

Meanwhile, if you're around the Greenwich Market area, we'd suggest you make a beeline to the Pimp My Ramen market stall. Not only does this eatery offer amazing ramen dishes like Pulled Pork Ramen, Chicken Teriyaki Ramen and Vegetarian Ramen but it is also home to the Classic Ramen Burger, where the "bread" is made from ramen and it is stuffed full with meat, a fried egg and tasty vegetables.

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