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North Americans prefer relaxing trips

North Americans prefer to go on relaxing trips.

When surveyed about the type of vacation last booked online, around 24 percent of people opted for a relaxing holiday whilst 19 percent booked to go and visit family. Approximately 16 percent of North Americans like going sightseeing whilst only seven percent last booked online to go away for a special event.

Similarly, only six percent of people opted for a romantic getaway compared to four percent opting for an activity based holiday and for a party respectively.

And when it came to the budget for the trip, for Canadians, a quarter of the money was spent on hotel whilst another 24 percent was for money for the flight. 17 percent went towards food and another 10 percent towards transportation. Attractions and shopping received nine percent for each. When it comes to Americans, 27 percent of the total budget was spent on the hotel compared to 20 percent for the flight and 17 percent for food. Shopping was nine percent, compared to 10 percent for transportation, a study by Expedia revealed.

The survey also revealed that American travellers went on more trips - both personal and business ones - than Canadians. However, Canadians spent more time on holiday compared to American travellers.

Americans prefer to use search engines and online booking sites (60%) when looking for and booking their destinations, similar to Canadians, who rate that higher than booking directly with the hotel or airline.

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