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Singapore is world's most welcoming city

Singapore is the world's most welcoming city.

The south east Asian city has been named as the most welcoming place in the world for tourists, where each of the top 500 tourist destinations were rated in categories such as port of entry, their safety, their proficiency in English, their tourism capacity as well as the residents' happiness and their openness in letting tourists stay in their home city.

Singapore's place at the top of the table was particularly due to their port of entry - which includes the speedy Singapore Changi Airport as well as the brand new Marina Bay Cruise Centre, which allows the world's biggest cruises to dock - and they also scored highly in the safety category.

Following closely behind was Stockholm, Sweden, which was praised for having happy residents, good expert opinions and good ports of entry. Helsinki, Finland and San Francisco, USA, also rated highly for their expert opinions and tourism carrying capacities.

Budapest, Hungary took the last place on the 100-strong list, where it was criticised for not being very safe and being home to unhappy residents.

TravelBird CEO Steven Klooster said: "As a stakeholder in the future of travel, TravelBird has a responsibility to confront the growing problem of over-tourism. We devised this study as the first step towards a more sustainable future.

"It's a call-to-action to ourselves and to fellow tour operators, to residents and local governments in those places that are worst affected by over-tourism, to work together to find solutions to this problem. We believe tourism can have a positive impact on local destinations; with a clear understanding of the issues at hand, innovative thinking and commonsense legislation, we can preserve and protect them for the future."

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