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Technology to feature heavily in future travel

Technology will be at the forefront of travel going into 2018.

A study by has found that people are happy to work alongside technology, whether it's when planning your trip, at the airport or even at your destination.

They predict that virtual reality and artificial intelligence will be used more and more to show a potential customer what they can expect from their holiday before they even touch down in the snow or sunshine.

And more now, computers are helping to plan our holidays by using past destination information to work out where we want to go next. Nearly a third (29 percent) of travellers said they would be happy for the computer to use their previous travel history to help plan the next getaway whilst 50 percent of people say they aren't bothered about having their holiday questions answered by a computer as opposed to a person as long as they can get the answers they want.

Daniel Levine, Travel Trends Expert, said: "What unites's eight travel predictions is the growing desire to add more meaning to travel. Travel is about discovering, relationship building, staying healthy, and getting back in touch with things that really matter most and with, that's all possible.

"Improved technology, affordable travel and the ease of finding and booking all types of accommodations from hotels and homes to villas and more, means that travel is becoming easier and more accessible to everyone.

"Because of this, in 2018 we will see people traveling to far-flung destinations, checking off bucket travel lists and embarking on walking tours that might not have been on travel agendas in the past. The urge to travel is only going in one direction: up and whether it's a honeymoon, girls getaway or solo trip, people are finding more excuses than ever to experience something new."

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