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Millennials relying on travel agents

Millennials are relying on travel agents more than ever before.

Virtuoso, the industry's leading luxury travel network for travellers and travel agencies, have compiled information from various studies and found that a third of young people intend to use a travel agent in the next couple of years, compared to 17 percent of Generation Xers and 18 percent of Baby Boomers.

A separate study found that 44 percent of millennials think it is "worth it" using a travel agent, compared to 33 and 34 percent of Xers and Boomers.

Virtuoso also reported an increase in millennials using their site but Baby Boomers still has more than half of its agents' client base.

Terrie Hansen, senior vice president of marketing at Virtuoso, said: "Our Virtuoso agencies are doing really well with affluent millennials. But clearly they're not as big a segment as boomers and matures."

David Kolner, Virtuoso's senior vice president of global member partnerships, added to Travel Weekly: "For travel agencies today, especially in the luxury category, boomers are absolutely what those businesses should be focusing on. They are a huge opportunity. They represent, usually, at least half or almost half of total sales in an agency, so it's just a great market. And I know everybody's very excited about millennials, and somewhat about Xers, but the real money right now continues to be in boomers."

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