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Travel makes you smarter

Going travelling makes you smarter.

A study has found that experiencing different cultures in foreign countries improves people's "creative enhancement".

William W. Maddux, associate professor of organisational behaviour at Institut Européen d'Administration des Affaires (INSEAD), said: "When individuals are exposed to the same multicultural environment, it is their psychological approach and engagement with different cultures that determines growth in integrative complexity and tangible increases in professional opportunities ... We found that creative enhancement was significantly higher for students who said they had adapted to the foreign countries while they lived there than for students who said they had not."

And travel also helps to improve a person's creativity.

Abi Carver, a writer and yoga instructor, said: "What I noticed about insights this year. Is that time spent in solitude seems to be positively correlated with these aha moments, and that I personally don't think as clearly when I'm tired or not feeling tiptop. I'm so addicted to the experience of being struck by insight that I've structured my life in a way that allows for as many as possible to arise."

Whilst freelance journalist Barbara Woolsey added: "Scribes will tell you what it's like sitting for an hour rolling around over one smart paragraph or the perfect lede. I've learned over time that the best way of conquering writer's block is sometimes letting thoughts percolate away from the computer screen - on a walk, under the shower, and on a larger scale, by traveling regularly. New experiences and new stimuli can't help but open the mind and that's when insights slip through effortlessly."

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