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Millennials love trips abroad

Millennials go on the most business and leisure trips.

A study by the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) has found that on average, young people take 1.8 work trips and 3.1 leisure trips every 12 months compared to the likes of Gen Xers, who take 1.1 work trips every year, with boomers taking just 0.7.

Millennials also prefer to splash the cash on their accommodation and the activities they partake in, rather than on their transport around the country they're visiting.

Zane Kerby, President and CEO of ASTA, said: "We've approached this year's study with greater focus on the changing landscape for travel and the issues shaping that change. This is part of our commitment to be an advocate for travelers, as well as for our travel agency members.

"We are committed to protecting the interests of the traveling public on both domestic and international issues, including ease of booking, process transparency, and - above all else - safety while away from home. Our research shows Americans' passion to travel is stronger than ever and we believe travelers deserve complete transparency from all vendors involved in the booking process, including from the government itself. America's travel advisors are dedicated to serving the needs of the public, and ASTA plans to build on this data to amplify our voice in support of travelers and the travel agents who serve them. The good news for travel agents is that Americans are an intrepid group and are always looking for new ways to discover the world and spend quality time with their families and friends."

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