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Why you're more likely to fall in love on holiday

People fall in love easier on holiday because doing something different "strengthens" relationships.

Research conducted by Dr Arthur Aron, a research professor at New York's Stony Brook University, found that couples who meet on holiday or who jet abroad together as any hiccups you come across - such as flight delays - "offsets any negative bumps" you go through elsewhere.

Dr Aron said: "That sense of novelty, excitement and challenge is associated with the person you're around and doing these new activities with, so it strengthens your relationship. It's almost like recreating the excitement of first falling in love when you both first met each other. Travelling, or doing anything new and exciting, together is one of the best things you can do when your relationship starts to feel stagnant or boring. Myself and others have done many studies around this which showed the results were quite strong. And if you could have that new experience abroad, all the better. In the case of travelling, which can come with lots of hassle at times, you might experience flight delays and other constraints that can be detrimental to the relationship. You may start to associate your partner with the negative sides of travelling, rather than the positives. But it's all about having a balance. If you're supporting each other through the crisis that you come across while travelling, that also offsets any negative bumps you've had along the way."

And falling in love can be easier when you're more relaxed, such as when you're on holiday.

Dr Aron told Telegraph Travel: "You can fall in love with anyone, even non-humans as in the case with pets, but generally we fall in love with people who are of the appropriate gender preference, age, social class, speak the same language etc. If the person you're with is reasonably appropriate for you (in terms of the aforementioned social variables), reasonably desirable and attractive to you, and this person does something that indicates that they like you, that's often the prime for people to fall in love. And this can take place in many different way."

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