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Traveling makes us happy

Traveling makes us happy

Traveling makes us happy.

A study has found that there are many benefits to heading away on holiday on our positivity and mental health.

Self-discovery whilst on holiday made us most happy whilst having new experiences abroad makes us happy too as it is the "surprise of the unknown". It is also the "overcoming of hurdles" and the "journey towards self-actualisation" on vacation that keeps us smiling and positive.

Dr. Stefan Klein, author of 'The Science of Happiness', said: "The pleasures of discovery, the joy of meeting people from other backgrounds and finally the thrill of tasting food I would not get at home usually far exceed all strains of travelling.

"I am most happy wherever I feel connected to the history of humankind or of our planet. Like in the National Museums of Cairo, Athens and Delhi, marveling at the beginnings of Western and Asian cultures. On Manhattan, where millions of immigrants made their first steps into a new life. And any place from where I get a glimpse of the peaks of the Alps, or even better, the Himalayas."

Whilst Lewis Iwu, former World Universities Debating Champion, added to CNN: "Travel makes me very happy. I enjoy discovering new cultures and embracing the history of the country I'm in. I'm lucky to live in a cosmopolitan city so it makes travel even more interesting.

"I spent several months traveling around the United States. As a fan of American TV shows it was great to actually visit some of the cities that the shows were based on. I also enjoyed Japan. It was a unique culture that I hadn't experienced before ... and the food was fantastic. The only part of the trip which made me unhappy was the karaoke - mainly because I'm awful at singing."

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