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Couples that travel have a deeper connection

Couples that travel together have a deeper connection.

A study by Travelocity has found that 77 per cent of couples who travel together say they have a great sex life, compared to 63 per cent of couples who don't have the chance to travel together.

And over half (56 per cent) of couples think that travel is important for keeping the spark in a relationship but only 31 per cent of couples admitted to having romantic getaway from time to time.

Sarah Rodgers, senior research analyst at Edge Research, who conducted the research, said: "Travelling allowed them to talk and reconnect and also share new experiences."

It comes after it was revealed holidays can also bring about strains on people's relationships and 67 percent of people admit they argue with their significant over whilst planning a holiday and one in four of people met the love of their lives whilst away from the daily grind.

One in three people cancel their trip away due to stress.

A study by conducted by APCO Insight has found that 51 percent of people feel more stressed than they did last year and 37 percent decided to cancel their vacation because of this.

George Hobica, President of Airfarewatchdog said: "Signing up for TSA PreCheck or Global Entry takes a lot of the sting out of the security lines. And, in many cases, paying a bit extra for priority TSA screening lines also helps ensure a more relaxed screening process."

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