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Millennials are the most vacation deprived age group

Millennials are the most vacation deprived age group.

A study by of employees from 30 countries worldwide has found that people in the 18 to 25 age group are most likely to take the least holiday off work. Around 62 per cent of millennials admitted to taking the least amount of time away from work whilst over half (53 per cent) say they would finish their holiday early if they knew they had a big workload waiting for them when they got back.

Over two fifths of people (43 per cent) decided to hold off on a holiday because of their budget whilst 30 per cent said they didn't go away on shorter breaks so they could save up for a longer one later in the year. 22 per cent admitted they didn't take a holiday as they felt they couldn't get away from work.

However, bosses should let their workers off on holiday as the study found that they came back happier 96 per cent of the time and better rested 93 per cent of the time. 94 per cent of people also said they were less stressed and in better health on their return.

Nisreene Atassi, global head of communications for, said: "This study confirms what we already know - that taking time off is a critical piece of living a happy, balanced life. If the thought of taking a week or more off work is causing you to put vacation plans on hold, consider taking a long weekend or adding personal time onto a business trip. Even a short refresh can be a gamechanger for your mental and emotional health and wellbeing."

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