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Business travelers struggle to keep fit whilst abroad

Business travelers struggle to keep fit whilst away.

A study by Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) has found that people who head abroad for work find it difficult to keep up with their exercise and fitness routines.

CWT Australia and New Zealand's managing director Michael Ryan said: "What was concerning though was only 61 per cent said they tend to get less exercise on business travel than usual. Nearly 1 in 5 said they didn't adhere to normal routines. If you look at the changes in routine in diet and sleep pattern, and the fact that people are getting less exercise than usual, it can create some pretty significant issues related to diet and sleep pattern.

"People generally love good food and good wine and entertainment and travel only magnify these desires. When you've only got a few hours to spare people generally you want to experience the food, the people and the culture of that environment. So it's the exercise, the healthy eating and the sleep that fall by the wayside. With leisure travel, you're not experiencing the same outside time limits, generally, so you don't have those nuances around time but the same challenges exist in terms of planning and keeping up routines and the same temptations exist if you're travelling for corporate or leisure."

And Ryan says the "focus" should be on having a plan and keeping a regular routine.

Ryan added: "I think if travelling for business is part of your routine it's really important that you adjust your habits when on the road and travelling overseas and for work. It's also about the mindset you adopt. The key focus is to keep up with healthy rituals, having a plan, and trying to keep regularity.

"That service for us is providing options for the traveller in terms of traveller preferences. So providing hotel options relating to health and fitness, as well as locations that support a healthy lifestyle. It's about knowing healthy options and being able to recommend specific venues that cater to all that."

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