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Seat kickers are worst air passengers

Seat kickers have been deemed the worst passengers to be stuck near on a plane.

An Expedia study has found that 51 per cent of people rank seat kickers as the worst person to be near when you're heading abroad with the 'Aromatic Passenger' coming second at 43 per cent and the 'Inattentive Parent' (39 per cent) in third place.

And passengers like the peace and quiet of getting on a plane with 90 per cent of Americans preferring to keep themselves to themselves on their flight. Over two thirds (69 per cent) achieve this by sleeping whilst only 28 per cent of passengers like to talk to their fellow travellers whilst on the plane. And it certainly winds people up when they want to sleep and the other one wants to talk as 77 per cent of Americans hate sitting next to someone who talks too much on the plane.

When it comes to hotels, 75 per cent of travellers see Wi-Fi, breakfast being included, free parking and room upgrades as important when they choose what hotel to book whilst the 'Inattentive Parents' take the top spot in the worst hotel guests category, annoying 45 per cent of other hotel guests and the 'Hallway Hellraisers' are also a point of annoyance for 41 per cent of people.

Nisreene Atassi, Global Head of Communications for Expedia brand, said: "Whether you've been on one vacation or 100, you've likely experienced some form of annoying behavior while travelling. At Expedia, we want to ensure that every leg of a traveler's journey is enjoyable. Our goal with this study is to better understand travelers' biggest pet peeves and offer tips to help them maximize comfort and minimize annoyances."

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