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Annoying travel habits

Nearly half of all travellers hate people who are glued to their phone.

Asked by Agoda and YouGov what their pet hate is about their travel companions, 47 per cent of people admitted they most dislike it when someone is playing with their phone and not paying attention to the people around them. The only one that ranked higher was the frustration of noisy travellers. People who are insensitive towards the culture of the country they're visiting topped the list of annoying travel habits too.

Meanwhile, mass tour groups and selfie-takers ranked highly too, at 36 per cent and 21 per cent respectively, completing the top five.

It is solo travellers who spend the most time on their phones whilst on holiday, spending on average of 117 minutes a day, 15 per cent more than when they're abroad with their friends and 26 per cent more when they're with family. For US residents though, this is completely opposite and solo travellers spend the least time on their phones (62 minutes) compared to 86 minutes when with their friends.

And it is the British that spend the least time on their phones on average, around 63 minutes a day whilst Thai travellers spend 125 minutes a day on their device.

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