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Women like solo travel

More than half of American solo travellers are women.

Females are more likely to head abroad on their own, after being inspired by social media. They are also more likely to go on another solo trip in the next 12 months.

Paul Hennessy, chief marketing officer at, shared: "We understand the solo vacation is rare and precious; and the opportunity for American women to travel how they want, where they want is essential to Booking. Our research spotlighted that American women have the desire and inspiration to find delight in unexpected destinations or simply indulge in peace and quiet. Regardless of the motivation, we will continue to support solo travellers with our trusted and authenticated community of adventurers, road warriors, thrill seekers or scholars."

It comes after a separate study classed solo travel as more of an adventure.

In a study by Mintel, 61 per cent of those surveyed admitted they found their trip to be more adventurous when heading abroad alone, whilst 45 per cent also believed there is a stigma surrounding travelling alone. However, 60 per cent of respondents said there was "widespread belief" that the travel industry isn't very good at catering for solo trips.

The report reads: "Solo travel can be promoted as a dynamic and rich alternative, offering unique opportunities for exploration and discovery. It is entering the mainstream but there is still a lingering feeling that holidaying alone carries a stigma, and a widespread belief that the travel industry does not cater for well solos."

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