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Teddy bear reunions

A US-based travel website is trying to reunite lost teddy bears with their owners.

Vrbo has set up a dedicated hotline for those who have lost a teddy bear or something sentimental during their stay at any cabin, condo or beach house booked on its website or app.

The Vrbo Teddy Bear Service has a dedicated phone number and email address for those who realise they've lost their favourite thing. Vrbo will contact the owner, the property manager, and the next guest who booked the home through Vrbo to try to find and return the teddy bear or other item to its owner. They are also urging those who have been reunited with their favourite item, to use #VrboTeddyBearService and tag @Vrbo on social media.

Melanie Fish, Vrbo travel expert, said: "We know how easily teddies can get left behind under beds, in canoes, or in a vacation home's best hide-and-seek spot. Our goal is to make sure every teddy finds its way back home and to help kids and their families keep happy vacation memories fully intact."

An associating study revealed the lengths parents would go to reunite their child with their teddy.

A whopping 48 per cent said they'd buy a duplicate and pretend it was the original whilst 25 per cent would make up a story to explain what happened.

And in this modern age, 21 per cent of people would launch a social media search to track it down.

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