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Over half of Australians find booking holidays stressful

Over half of Australians find booking holidays stressful.

A study by Luxury Escapes has revealed that a whopping 56 per cent find it stressful purchasing their holiday whilst 1 in 10 admit that they are left feeling annoyed and inconvenienced during the planning process.

And with 85 per cent of Australians revealing they were the ones who had to book the holiday, there are likely to be a lot of stressed people out there. And nearly a quarter, 17 per cent said the responsibility to be the organiser fell on them but it would not have been their choice.

A third of those surveyed (39 per cent) would rather get someone else or an agency to do all the booking for them - with 75 per cent looking towards the internet for advice and 15 per cent considering travel agents.

And one in 10 of those surveyed admitted they were so stressed booking their holiday that they forgot to do a key job like informing their work that they would be absent, booking tickets that would depart the same day they were meant to start a job and forgetting bookings altogether.

Over half (53 per cent) are mostly concerned about researching the right accommodation, with 46 per cent worried about finding the best value deals.

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