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Romelu Lukaku considers himself to be one of the top five strikes in the world

Romelu Lukaku considers himself to be one of the top five strikers in world football.

The Inter Milan marksman has notched 35 goals in 2020 and believes that he should be considered at the top table when it comes to ranking goalscorers across the globe.

Asked if he was worthy of a top-five tag, Lukaku said: "Now? In the past five months, yes. I don't want to rank that group from one to five, but I'm part of it right now."

Lukaku hailed coaches Jose Mourinho and Roberto Martinez for their roles in his development into an elite forward.

He told Belgian publication Sport/Voetbalmagazine: "Mourinho taught me to work better with the team, both in terms of pressing and to position me better on the field. Just look at what he's doing with Harry Kane now.

"I used to love vertical football. I found myself to be most dangerous when I was facing the goal. I am fast, I can eliminate my direct opponent with a dribble, or swerve to the left or right.

"That was my game in the past, also because I was often in teams that played on the counter. But the national team has obliged me to adjust my playing style."

Lukaku continued: "With Belgium, we quickly became a team that had the most possession and got the least space (to play in). Roberto Martinez did everything he could to make me feel more comfortable with my back to goal, both with the national team and back at Everton.

"At the age of 20, I still had a lot to learn. But I soon realised that if I could train that aspect of my play, I could do what I wanted in a match."

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