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James Milner criticises European Super League plans

James Milner hopes that the European Super League doesn't happen.

The Liverpool star has openly criticised plans for the new competition after the Reds became one of the 12 clubs to sign up, leading to a furious backlash from figures across the game and beyond.

Milner told Sky Sports: "I don’t like it and hopefully it does not happen. I can only say my view, I don't like it and hopefully it doesn't happen. I can imagine what has been said about it and I probably agree with a lot of it."

Liverpool received a hostile reception prior to their 1-1 Premier League draw with Leeds but Milner says players from the dozen clubs should not be targeted because of the controversial plans.

He said: "The welcome we got at the ground tonight was a bit unjust. We are just here to play football."

Reds boss Jurgen Klopp also said that players should be left alone as football deals with the fallout from the plans.

He explained: “In this specific moment we can't blame the team for that. I take the criticism for everything, but this we have nothing to do with.

"Now people write articles about what they should do with it. People are shouting at us. We have to be careful because we are people as well. We have to be careful. I understand all the talk and I don't like it as well.

"Don't forget we have nothing to do with it. We still have to play football. It is really not OK."

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