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Eddie Hearn wants boxing to put on better fights

Eddie Hearn thinks that boxing needs to get better at matchmaking its stars.

The promoter believes that the best fighters need to be pitted against each other in order to ensure the sport's survival amid the rise in popularity of YouTube stars such as Jake Paul.

Hearn told IFL: "We have to make sure our sport, our brand needs to thrive, but you only do that by making the big fights and making the fights that people want to see.

"We cannot afford s*** fights where fighters get a fortune but don’t deliver for the broadcasters because they will kill the sport. So these kinds of things will put more pressure on us to deliver numbers, to deliver content."

Hearn also praised Paul's efforts in promoting his recent fight with Ben Askren and suggested that actual boxers could learn a thing or two.

He said: "In many ways, it was good for boxing. One way I love it is it makes everyone buck their ideas up. [Celebrity boxing], whatever you want to call it, is doing good numbers.

"It’s light entertainment. Do you understand what I’m saying about boxing? We have to make sure that boxing continues to thrive. I almost feel like we’re in competition with it.

"I did KSI against Logan Paul. I’ve seen the numbers. I know the world, but I want to stick to our world. I’m not saying ‘I’ll never rule out doing that ever again,’ but I want to stick to our world and show how great boxing is. But we only do that by showing great fights."

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