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Anthony Joshua told to 'go back to basics'

Anthony Joshua has been urged to "go back to basics" to get his career on track.

The 32-year-old star recently lost to Oleksandr Usyk in Saudi Arabia, and Barry McGuigan has now implored Joshua to remove the "back-slappers" from his team.

McGuigan, 61 - the former featherweight world champion - told Boxing King Media: "Joshua just needs to take a bit of time out, let his head chill, get his team sorted out, get rid of the back-slappers and the a***-kissers – and there are loads of those…

"Sack the whole God damn lot of them, take out half-a-dozen of the most important people in his team and that’s enough.

"He needs to go back to basics, he’s always been a power puncher, and he needs to just get on with it."

McGuigan believes Joshua's loss to Andy Ruiz in New York in 2019 has proven to be a huge turning point in his career.

And McGuigan has urged the Brit to revert to his old, aggressive style of fighting.

He said: "Joshua has always been able to hit with power. He has had a confidence issue since the Ruiz fight, but he needs to get back in there and start sparring again with good quality opposition, pick a number of low-key opponents - even if you blow them away again - to give him a bit of confidence.

"But ultimately, he needs to be aggressive. Whether he fights Usyk or whether he fights Tyson Fury, he has to be aggressive."

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