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Chris Eubank Jr: ‘Liam Smith isn’t dangerous enough to put partying on hold’

Chris Eubank Jr: ‘Liam Smith isn’t dangerous enough to put partying on hold’

Chris Eubank Jr celebrated at Christmas and New Year as he thinks Liam Smith isn’t dangerous enough for him to put partying on hold.

The fighter, 33, is set to face two-time WBO super-welterweight champion Liam, 34, in Manchester on January 21.

He told Boxing Scene about the upcoming bout: “I wasn’t going to give up Christmas and New Year for Liam Smith, he is just not dangerous enough.

“I know what Liam is – I sparred Liam, I have watched him for years. Liam is very A, B, C – there are going to be no surprises, I know everything he is going to do and I know how to deal with fighters like that.

“That’s why I say there is not much of a danger there… Liam has one way of doing things, whereas I can box, I can fight, I can brawl, I can swing, I can slug, I can dance around.

“He has one way of doing things, which is to come forward, tuck up, stay in the pocket and try and walk his man down.

“Will he try and change that for me? I don’t think you can change your fighting style at his age, unless you have the mind to do that, which I don’t think he has.”

Chris added Liam is nowhere near as dangerous an opponent for his as Conor Benn, 26.

Their scheduled clash was las year called off after Conor tested positive for a female fertility drug.

It was subsequently revealed he had also failed a previous test for the substance.

Chris added about the bout being unfinished business for him: “One – it is not resolved, two – the fight did not happen.

“We have got to make it happen at some point, so it is always going to be in my mind. Obviously, I have to focus on the man in front of me now, but I have some serious unfinished business.”

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