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Alessia Russo honoured by Puskas nomination

Alessia Russo honoured by Puskas nomination

Alessia Russo says it is "huge" for women's football that her goal was nominated for the FIFA Puskas Award.

The England striker's backheel for the Lionesses in the Euro 2022 semi-final against Sweden is one of three goals scored by female players on the 11-strong shortlist and Russo is ecstatic to get global recognition alongside stars such as Kylian Mbappe.

She said: "As much as you don't want to say it's surreal, it is.

"A few years ago, that wouldn't have been the case so now to have these kinds of recognition for female footballers, not only in England but across the world, is huge.

"It's huge for where we want the sport to go. You want to be recognised for what you do. When you're up against people like that, it puts things into perspective a little bit."

Russo is glad that the women's game is being put on the same pedestal as the male equivalent when it comes to the big individual prizes.

She said: "Having three women up for the award is huge. To have one of us win it would be amazing, and would show how much further the game has come.

"An amazing goal is an amazing goal - it doesn't matter if it's come from the men's game or the women's game. We want women's football to be up there and recognised with the best. Now it's getting there.

"When I was a kid, watching the Puskas goals, there were never any women on there. It's great for women's sport, women's football and for young girls out there."

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